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Investor Presentations

Why us?

  • We have 15 years’ experience, coaching 1000’s of clients
  • We have worked on over 75 IPOs and similar deals with a cumulative value of more than €30Bn
  • We have worked in 25 countries, across 4 continents
  • Our clients come from numerous sectors including: Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, and Financial Services.

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Our world-wide experience of all types of financial presentations, particularly our track record on investor roadshows, enables us to deliver the following benefits:

  • More confident and better prepared speakers
  • A simpler, clearer and more compelling investment case
  • More effective handling of analyst/investor questions
  • Highly efficient use of preparation time.

How do we help?

We can get involved as little or as much as you wish. Typical roles we play within the process include:

  • Coaching presenters to appear confident and relaxed in front of analysts and investors
  • Working with the bankers / advisors to ensure the presentation is well structured and easy to present
  • Helping the speakers to prepare and work effectively from slides or bullet-point notes.
  • Customising any scripts to ensure they are written in ‘conversational’ rather than ‘prospectus’ style
  • Teaching the presenters to deliver a speech verbatim from script, whilst appearing to be talking from notes
  • Ensuring that any visuals are used to support the speaker and not vice versa
  • Intensive Q&A preparation and rehearsal sessions.

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