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One-to-one Coaching

Our director and senior management clients are usually good communicators who want one-to-one presentation coaching because they:

  • Have an important high-profile presentation or speech to deliver
  • Have little preparation time
  • Want to improve or change their presentation style
  • Will be making an important financial presentation to analysts or investors.

When coaching senior executives we recommend a one-to-one coaching programme delivered in a series of short sessions because:

  • Shorter sessions are less disruptive and easier to find time for
  • One-on-one sessions guarantee confidentiality and enable us to be brutally honest
  • Progress is tailored to match ability
  • We have the time and flexibility to focus on forthcoming presentations.

Whatever your needs, we can ensure that you deliver a high-class presentation, with confidence – every time. Why not contact us to find out more.

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