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Winning Pitches

One of Marlston’s particular areas of expertise is in helping companies to win new business presentations or ‘beauty contests’.

Our role is to ensure that the team leaves the client panel with:

  • Clear and compelling reasons why that team should be appointed ahead of any competitors
  • The conviction that the pitching team is competent, professional, trustworthy, proactive, experienced, etc.

We understand that the client has to feel the pitching team is one they want to work with. We help our clients to achieve this by adding discipline, innovation, the best presentation skills advice, an alternative perspective and tremendous experience.

Ideally, Marlston’s involvement will begin as soon as the Invitation to Tender is received from the client (or earlier). On a typical proposal we would then work with the team through the following stages:

  • Initial strategy session
  • Preparation for any ‘site’ visits or preparatory meetings
  • Presentation strategy meeting
  • Individual rehearsals / coaching
  • Preliminary team rehearsal
  • Dress rehearsal (to include a ‘challenge’ panel)
  • Post-presentation debrief.

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