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Media Training Courses

Media and Press Training 

Our ‘Essential Media Skills’ and ‘Dealing with the Press’ training courses include:

  • Advice on how to prepare answers to potentially challenging questions
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques / stress management
  • The opportunity to see yourself on screen
  • Guidance on screen image
  • Valuable feedback on the way in which you convey your answers and deliver your message.

Length of Course: We normally recommend a schedule that allows for approximately:

  • 1-1.5 days training  for Media Training
  • 1/2 -1 day training for Dealing with the Press Training

When appropriate, we use broadcast quality cameras and monitors, and training may be conducted in television or recording studios. Press training will also use video feedback.

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Crisis Media Training

Risk management is an area of focus for every well-run business. However, reputational risk is one that is often overlooked. Poor handling of the media in the aftermath of a crisis can prove disastrous. We provide Crisis Media Training for senior management and company spokespersons.

  • We can teach you to prepare a Crisis Media Action Plan so that you are ready to face the media whatever the crisis
  • We will help you to identify the risks, plan response strategies and most importantly train you to handle the media firestorm
  • We use a combination of on-site consultants to train and film you and also off-site experts to help build the role-playing scenario.

Length of Course: Our one-day course will give a core team of 4-6 people the skills and experience they need to face the media in a crisis. Our 2-3 day programmes allow time for action plan preparation, on-site role playing and greater skills penetration

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